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The going rate for a 9.25 ounce bag of delicious and breath-enhancing Doritos is $3.99 before tax, according to the blessed pandemic soldiers of Target.

Doritos, an artificial flavor-enhanced corn chip made for persons of the most discriminating tastes, pairs well with most beverages and augments the gobbler’s fingers with a nuclear orange tint that is comparable to the skin tone of America’s last president.

Yes, this scrumptious snack is one of mankind’s greatest achievements. And each chip is manufactured with the most exquisite attention to detail.

On occasion, however, a faulty chip will slip past the discerning eyes of Dorito’s executive-level quality inspectors and into a bag meant for high-end retail outlets like vending machines and Walmart.

Their fate?

Some rejected chips are tragically consumed without hesitation by careless and undereducated snackers. Others are embraced and celebrated for their flaw, reaching prices of up to $20K on the collectible chip exchange.

13-year-old Rylee Stuart posted a video on TikTok last week showcasing a so-called puffed-out Doritos chip with the caption, “I found a puff Dorito! Is this valuable or should I just eat? Tell me please.”

The video quickly spread like the Delta variant and viewers suggested Stuart auction off the chip. She created a listing on eBay. The bids began at a modest $0.99 before reaching a fair-market value of nearly $100,000.

Sadly, the singular chip listing has been taken down.

Gladly, the snack company took notice and created a Doritos Bold Fund worth $20,000 for Stuart and her family in an effort to encourage her entrepreneurial spirit.

Mock n’ Rob have more on this great American story in the clip below.