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A local Indianapolis school made headlines on Fox News this weekend after launching a Critical Race Theory-based training source for teachers.

Hamilton South Eastern announced it will be providing teachers a voluntary training entitled “Interrupting Racism for Children.” Parents have voiced concerns that the school is simply finding another way to introduce CRT to their children.

The school district released what the key teachings of the program would entail. Some training topics include the function and relationship between poverty and racism, the lasting impact of historical laws, and the awareness of how racism adversely affects everyone.

The uproar from Hoosier parents has made national headlines as HSE’s new training was a focal point during a segment on Fox News. Marc Little, ‘Cure’ executive director and lawyer, joined FOX to discuss the real problem of deceit the school is presenting.

 “They (children) don’t have racism…this program is a disguise, just like CRT, to create retribution.”

Tony Katz says until administration recognizes these teachings as ideology, parents will continue to get angry only fueling their fight more.

“What you’re seeing from parents everywhere is this anger they have with themselves. They ceded education to these people they’re supposed to trust. What school boards haven’t figured out yet is that they’ve broken the trust. And parents are angry about this. They’re angry at themselves and they’re angry at these schools. ‘You were supposed to educate not indoctrinate and now it’s obvious your indoctrinating, but when we bring it up you tell us to sit down.”