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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Dozens of Olympians have ties to Indiana in this year’s Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Many will play for Team USA, but others who were educated in Indiana will play for their home country.

Indiana University’s website says it’s had an Olympian in each games since 1904, and IU athletes have won a medal in each except for one. This year, there are 15 current or former IU students in Tokyo.

  • Nine swimmers (Bailey Andison, Zach Apple, Michael Brinegar, Marwan Elkamash, Tomer Frankel, Ali Khalafalla, Lilly King, Vini Lanza, Blake Pieroni)
  • Three divers (Andrew Capobianco, Michael Hixon, Jessica Parratto)
  • Two women’s water polo players (Jessica Gaudreault, Shae [Fournier] LaRoche)
  • One women’s soccer player (Gabi Rennie)

The US Diving head coach is IU’s head coach Drew Johansen, and IU is sending an assistant swimming coach, Ray Looze, as well.

Notably, Michael Brinegar, Lilly King and Blake Pieroni list Indiana cities as their hometown.

Purdue University also sent its first athlete to the games in 1904 and is cheering on several athletes this year. It broke a school record in the 2016 Rio Olympic for sending eight athletes, according to its website, and this year topped it again: Nine athletes with Purdue degrees or classes.

  • Four track & field athletes (Devynne Charlton, Samson Colebrooke, Chukwuebuka Enekwechi, Kara [Patterson] Winger)
  • Two swimmers (Nikola Acin, Jinq En Phee)
  • Two divers (Tyler Downs, Brandon Loschiavo)
  • One women’s volleyball player (Annie Drews)

Notre Dame University can also claim a large amount of students and graduates in the competition. Its website lists 21 athletes, including 2 Paralympic athletes. Four coaches are also in Tokyo from Notre Dame.

  • Eleven fencing athletes (Epee: Kelley Hurley, Courtney Hurley, Ewa Nelip, Kaylin Hsieh. Foil: Nick Itkin, Gerek Meinhardt, Amita Berthier, Lee Kiefer, Sabrina Massialas. Sabre: Mariel Zagunis, Frencesca Russo)
  • Three women’s basketball players (Skylar Diggins-Smith, Jewell Lloyd, Natalie Achonwa)
  • Two track & field (Yared Nuguse, Molly Seidel)
  • One women’s 3×3 basketball player (Jackie Young)
  • One swimmer (Tyler Christianson)
  • One rower (Molly Bruggemann)
  • One Paralympic track & field (Sam Grewe)
  • One Paralympic swimmer (Ilija Tadic)

Beach volleyball coach Angie Akers, fencing coaches Buckie Leach and Christian Rasciono, and swimming coach Mike Litzinger are also connected to the University of Notre Dame.

Marian University also claims two Olympians in Tokyo.

  • One road cyclist (Coryn Rivera)
  • One BMX cyclist (Felicia Stancil)

Carmel High School is also cheering on three athletes with Carmel HS degrees: Rajeev Ram in tennis, and Drew Kibler and Jake Mitchell in swimming.

Other Olympians claiming hometowns in Indiana include Alec Yoder in men’s gymnastics, Sarah Hildebrandt and Kayla Miller in women’s wrestling, and Joe Schoreder in men’s rugby.

This list is not comprehensive.

The opening ceremonies for the Olympics are set for 7 a.m. ET Friday. Games have already begun for some sports, including US teams in softball and women’s soccer.