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America’s favorite grandpa held a town hall gathering in Cincinnati Wednesday night with his BFFs at CNN.

And oh, what a magical night to remember it was indeed. It was so disastrous and embarrassing for the president at certain points that we actually expected CNN to cut away and pretend like it wasn’t even happening. You know, just like they did with Trump?

Let’s have a look at a few of the glorious highlights!

Highlight 1: In which Biden struggles to keep his thoughts straight while talking about vaccines.

Most Logical Explanation: The recording in his ear was skipping.

Highlight 2: In which Biden claims “crime is down” but “gun violence and murder rates are up.”

Most Comparable Statement of Lunacy: We don’t have inflation, things just cost more.

Highlight 3: In which Biden praises communist China’s dictator Xi Jinping as a “bright and really tough guy.” 

Most Logical Justification For Statement: Xi has all the dirt on Hunter.

Highlight #4: In which Biden victim-shames a business owner who is struggling under Biden’s policies.

Most Logical Explanation: Joe is unaware that small business owners are not permitted to print money like the Federal Reserve.

What a trainwreck. Thank goodness Biden doesn’t remember it. Senility has its benefits!

By the way, President Biden admitted Wednesday night that his extension of federal unemployment benefits is directly responsible for hurting businesses. Mock n’ Rob have that highlight and more in the clip below.