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The video below is an extraordinary testament to the compassion, courage, and heart of so many police officers across the nation.

Body camera footage provided by the Jamestown, NY police department shows Officer Mark Conklin as he arrives at the scene of a massive house fire on July 19, 2021.

“I believe there’s entrapment,” Officer Conklin says into his radio as he runs towards the burning house where he discovers children and an adult trapped on the second floor of the residence.

As the video continues, screams are heard from inside the home before Conklin, enduring the extreme heat from the flames, directs the residents in the house to jump from a second-story window and proceeds to catch them one by one.


“I can say that I have seen many examples of heroism over the years by officers,” Jamestown Fire Chief Tim Jackson wrote on the department’s Facebook page. “After watching the video of this incident and speaking to others involved, I can say that the actions of Officer Conklin were, to say the least, one of the most outstanding examples of bravery, heroism, and exemplary service I have seen.”

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