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INDIANAPOLIS — Another violent night in Indianapolis as four people were shot in three separate shootings across the city.

The first shooting happened at around 11:30 near East 10th Street and North Rural Street. Police arrived at that intersection to find a man with a gunshot wound. He later died on the way to the hospital.

Lt. Kerry Buckner said the good news in this shooting is that they caught the suspect with the public’s help. He said they got a tip telling them who it was who shot the man.

“This is how things are supposed to work,” Buckner said. “I told you we needed the community’s help tonight they came forward and helped. An officer was her and observed the crime, we couldn’t stop the crime but we did the next best thing and apprehended the person who took somebody else’s life.”

Later in the early hours of Thursday morning, two more people were found shot on the west side. IMPD said it was a man and a woman who were shot in the Mars Hill Neighborhood near Troy Avenue and Holt Road.

Police do not have a suspect in that shooting.

Shortly before 7:00 Thursday morning a woman was shot along Kenwood Avenue near 36th street, not far from Crown Hill Cemetery. Police say she is in critical condition at a hospital.