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TERRE HAUTE, Ind.–Recognized for his dedication to his job, Terre Haute Detective Greg Ferency was remembered in a funeral service Tuesday, at the Hulman Center by his bosses, that included Police Chief Shawn Keen and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

“He was constantly learning about whatever he needed to to work his cases and be better at his job,” said Wray.

LISTEN: FBI Director Chris Wray speaks at Det. Ferency’s funeral

Ferency was a member of the FBI Task Force, deputized, but not a full agent with a badge.

“Greg really badly wanted an FBI badge, so much so that it kind of became a running joke…and Greg’s colleagues gave him one of those junior special agent badges like you give to kids,” said Wray. “But, our agents knew that Greg not only wanted a badge, but deserved it…and I’m only sorry that we’re awarding him this honor under these circumstances.”

Ferency was murdered last Wednesday in front of the FBI building in Terre Haute. Court documents say Shane Meehan, 44, threw a Molotov cocktail at the building before he shot Ferency. He was then shot by another FBI agent who heard the shots, came out and confronted Meehan.

Ferency, 53, had twins who had just graduated high school.

“He was a special kind of guy. Not a lot of police officers write books, do training in so many areas,” said Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett.

Ferency was known for being a jack of all trades in the department. In addition to pulling double duty with the FBI Joint Terrorism Take Force, he also investigated crimes and trained other officers. One officer he trained eventually became his boss.

“He always helped and I never heard him complain. He also never treated me like I was stupid, even when I was,” said Terre Haute Chief Shawn Keen, who Ferency trained just after Keen joined the force in 1997.

“Many people who reach that level of proficiency that Greg had tend to bring with them a level of arrogance. That was not in Greg’s character,” said Keen. “He was not a flashy person and he did not seek recognition. But, rather he was content to do the things that had to be done to keep people safe.”