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INDIANAPOLIS–You’re being asked not to engage in road rage. That’s because several people have been shot lately in road rage incidents, especially in Indianapolis, on the interstates around the city. But, road rage can happen anywhere angry people are willing to do more than just throw a hand gesture.

“Unfortunately, it’s become common now,” said Sgt. John Perrine, with Indiana State Police, on WIBC’s “The Hammer and Nigel Show”. “It’s terrifying to think that somebody could make a simple mistake while driving, maybe you didn’t see that car in your blind spot, and the result could be gunfire.”

LISTEN: Sgt. John Perrine talks road rage with Nigel.

Perrine said it is important never to engage in road rage, whether you are the offender or the offended, because you don’t know who is in the other car.

“Their motivation may be a lot different than just to flip you off or give you some gestures,” he said.

Perrine said that if you do witness something happening on the highway or interstate, or even a city street, it’s important to call 911 and let the authorities know what went down as best you can.

“I think what people do is they often dismiss themselves as having valuable information. They think, oh I don’t have a plate number. I didn’t see what color it was. I don’t even know what kind of car it was. But, they might have valuable information that we’re missing.”

Perrine said you also may not realize that the aggressive driving or the road rage that you witness might evolve into violence or a bad wreck, and the information you relay could help police solve it .

“If you witness something on the road, call 911. Now, keep in mind that the Indiana hands free law allows you to pick up the phone in your hand and dial 911 if it’s an emergency call and that does constitute an emergency call,” he said.

Perrine said you should also be reserved in how you use your horn, keeping in mind that it is for an emergency, not to use to tell someone that you’re mad.