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INDIANAPOLIS — Turning 100 years old is a big deal, and for Frederick Douglass Park, it means a weeklong celebration for a park that has meant the world to its community.

“That’s a huge milestone; that’s a huge milestone for anything to last 100 years, but much less a park that has meant so much to this community,” says Courtney Rogers with Indy Parks on WISH-TV.

The park opened up to Hoosiers back in 1921 at 1616 East 25th Street.

Indy Parks and Circle Up Indy are coming together to celebrate with a week’s worth of unique events.

The celebration week kicks off with a park cleanup and food drive. Then things get exciting, with a pool party, a golf tournament, and the fifth annual Peace Festival. Even grandma and grandpa can come out for some senior aerobics.

The Peace Festival will feature live entertainment but Hoosiers will also be able to get some rent and utility help, as well as career opportunities.

James Wilson with Circle Up Indy tells WISH-TV he’s feeling good about this week’s celebration.

“Super excited,” Wilson tells WISH-TV, “what we’re planning to bring to the table, I promise you, and exclamation point, put 10 more behind it. It’s not just the normal event; we have some very awesome attractions. They’re really high entertainment, strong message.”

A 20-million-dollar revitalization plan is also on the table. Trina Avery has been coming to Frederick Douglass Park since she was a kid, and she’s excited to see some improvements.

“I want a new swimming pool and a new family center. I want to see the junior tennis league back here. I want to see the kids out on the court. That’s what I want to see,” Avery tells WISH-TV.

A virtual town hall meeting discussing the park plans is set for 6 p.m. Wednesday.