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INDIANAPOLIS — People will be shooting off fireworks in your area at some point this weekend, which means there will probably be someone complaining about fireworks being shot off.

Sheriff’s departments around the state are reminding you to not call 911 with your complaints.

“When people call for fireworks complaints, there’s a serious risk that somebody calling with a life-or-death emergency will be delayed in getting through to a dispatcher,” says Capt. Mitch Gore with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

He says if fireworks has injured someone or has caused damage to property, then, of course, call 911. But if you’re tired of your neighbors shooting them off at 2 a.m., then call your local non-emergency line. In Marion County, if you have a cell phone, you can call 311.

The Marion County 911 Center is expecting to get 3,000 calls on Sunday alone.