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CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. — A federal judge has told the widow of Glenn Rightsell that she can only sue the officer who shot him in 2018.

Gloria Rightsell has filed a lawsuit seeking damages from State Trooper David Organ along with Indiana State Police, The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, two other sheriff’s deputies, and Crawfordsville Police.

The judge said on Thursday that the other entities named in the case must be removed from the lawsuit due to lack of standing to bring the lawsuit against them, but that she can still sue Trooper Organ for negligence and violating her husband’s constitutional rights.

Glenn A. Rightsell after he was shot by in December of 2018. Rightsell’s family said he was working on his daughter’s car, which had broken down along the side of U.S 231 earlier in the day when he was shot.

The trooper shot Rightsell at least once, state police said.

State police also said Organ saw a handgun on the Rightsell’s waist as the trooper pulled his vehicle behind the Tahoe and parked with his emergency lights and spotlight on to investigate why the car was there. They said Rightsell failed to comply with directions from Organ and that he tried to grab the gun on his waist. That’s when Organ drew his gun and shot Rightsell.

Questions arose after the shooting about whether police did enough to get medical care for Rightsell after he was shot.