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INDIANAPOLIS — After being canceled in 2020, the Fourth of July fireworks show in downtown Indianapolis is returning in 2021.

However, the celebration will look a little different than in the past.

Bob Schultz with Downtown Indy, Inc. says there won’t be any food vendors or other activities.

“In the past, we’ve had a very large Freedom Fest,” Schultz said. “That is not in the plan for this year. It is simply the fireworks display.”

The other big difference? The fireworks will not be shot off the top of the Regions Tower due to a residential development near the tower. Instead, the show will come from the 500 North Meridian office building, catty-corner to the Indiana War Memorial.

“We are absolutely thrilled that we can move forward and once again have fireworks in the heart of our downtown,” Schultz said. “Melrose Pyrotechnics is the company that will launch the fireworks. They are not new to Indianapolis. They’ve been part of our Super Bowl presentations. They also do fireworks off Navy Pier in Chicago.”

You’ll be able to listen to the soundtrack of the 21-minute show on 93 WIBC, starting at 10 p.m. Sunday.