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GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — Plans for a new sports complex and park in Greenwood took a step forward Thursday.

It was the first time residents could take a look at the renderings of what’s coming, including ball diamonds and a playground designed to be inclusive to all in more ways than one.

The complex is right at the interchange of Interstate 65 and Worthsville Road.

“It’s an exciting time to be the mayor of Greenwood,” said Mayor Mark Myers.

Myers said the location is perfect, sandwiched on a narrow strip of 40 acres between the interstate and Clark-Pleasant Middle School.

The plan is to build four baseball and four softball diamonds along with a multi-use field, the city’s second splash pad, and an inclusive playground for children of different abilities.

Things are getting back on track after the pandemic.

“It’s the right project because we do have a lot of ball teams, softball teams, playing in the city,” Myers said. “We also have traveling teams that go through. And we can give them places a destination to go to.”

He expects the cost to be about $10 million, but he hopes federal grant money earmarked for parks can help.

He believes the fields can be a draw and earn some money back for the city. But just as important is the purpose to help local teams that don’t travel.

He said not just the sports fields, but the play equipment can be an important selling point for skilled employees and their families.

“Because they’re looking for all the amenities as we look for skills and talent to come to our city,” Myers said.

One piece was also designed for a specific inclusive reason: The playing field is not just for soccer but also a place for the sport of cricket, a favorite among those of the Sikh faith. Many adherents live nearby.

“Their main residential area is just up the road from that, so it’s a perfect location for that and we want to be inclusive for everyone, for all the sports,” Myers said.

For now, the proposal does not have a name attached.

Myers said he hopes construction can begin next summer with completion at least a year later.