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There’s a viral video making the rounds of a 9-year-old girl in Minnesota who blasted her school board for banning political messages in schools while permitting “Black Lives Matter” signs to be posted.

“When I was here two weeks ago, you told us to report any BLM in our schools. Apparently, you know they’re in our schools because you made the signs,” she said when addressing the school board back on June 8, via Fox News.

The girl, identified only as “Novalee,” went on to attack the messages of the posters, saying the political message with BLM is clear: “Getting rid of police officers, rioting, burning buildings down while King Gov. Walz just sits on his throne and watches.”

She continued: “I am nine years old, and I know that. You expect me to believe that you did not know what you were doing when you were making these posters? C’mon, people!”

Here’s the issue:

This girl’s speech was clearly written by her parents, and kids should not be utilized as political pawns – PERIOD. It’s gross. It’s inappropriate.

The only plausible way this kid could have written that speech herself is if she happens to be the unfortunate offspring of Rob Kendall; then we’d buy it.

To her credit, however, at least she can deliver a speech. Maybe she could give President Joe Biden a few pointers.

Hammer and Nigel elaborate in the clip below.