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A joint civil lawsuit has been filed against Governor Holcomb for ending unemployment benefits on June 19th. Both Indiana Legal Services and Macey Swanson Hicks & Sauer law firm are filing the suit.

The two organizations claim that ending unemployment benefits would cause “irreparable harm” to Hoosiers across the state, including Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis and 5 individual clients who are named in the case.

Staff attorney for Indiana Legal Services Jennifer Terry says the case is based on a specific Indiana law that states all available federal insurance benefits should go towards residents. There’s a state statute that provides that if there are funds in the federal unemployment trust fund that it’s the policy of the state to go get those benefits for eligible Hoosiers.”

Rev. David Greene Sr., president of Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis, says minority groups will be unfairly impacted as jobs aren’t paying enough for insurance. “Do I go take this job that’s going to be 20 hours a week? There are a lot more minorities, African-Americans that are unemployed that are adversely impacted.”

Tony Katz points out there are plenty of jobs readily available in the state it may just not be the job one wants, so why is that the state’s problem?

There are a lot of people out there hiring for 40 hours a week. Your argument is ‘they aren’t paying enough.’ Well my argument is ‘go get a job that pays enough.’ But stop thinking somehow it’s the state’s job is to take care of others, that’s not the job of the state. That’s a fundamental flaw. What is it that you are pushing?

Gov. Holcomb’s office says the benefits are no longer needed because of the major increase in job availability in the state. They also noted they have timely notified those impacted on when the benefits will stop.

ILS argues that over 286,000 people in Indiana will be affected by the benefit cut, which outweighs the number of jobs available, according to The Century Foundation.

Katz again asks what their overall argument is?

What is stopping these people from creating a job? …You are pushing and promoting the bigotry. You are pushing and promoting that people should do less and get more. You are pushing and promoting the idea that people should not have to do for themselves, including sacrifice, rather it should just be given.

State lawmakers continue to be divided on the unemployment benefit cut. It’s unclear if this case will receive a hearing.