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INDIANAPOLIS–Gun rights attorney Guy Relford and other attorneys sued the NFL (NFL Enterprises) Monday, on behalf of Indianapolis Police Officer Dejoure Mercer, the officer who shot and killed Dreasjon Reed on May 6, 2020, following a car chase, after which Reed shot at officers.

The suit says the NFL defamed Mercer, with their campaign titled “Inspire Change”, and “Say His Name”, which was meant to honor victims of police misconduct.


LISTEN: Attorney Guy Relford discusses the complaint on the Hammer and Nigel Show

“They included Dreasjon Reed in that. So, what you’ll see in the complaint when you go through it…and it’s all incredibly well-documented, but you’ll see where they said Dreasjon Reed died because of an act of police misconduct,” said Relford on WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel Show.

Disclosure: Relford hosts a Saturday program on WIBC called “The Gun Guy”.

He pointed out that state police held a news conference where they documented the shooting, which Relford said he believes was a “clean shoot”. No charges were filed against Mercer, but Reed’s family sued the police department.

Relford said the NFL went ahead with the inclusion of Reed in their campaign, regardless of the public information provided by Indiana State Police, which Relford said was more than sufficient to show that Mercer acted correctly.

“If you’re the officer involved in that, what effect does that have on your life? For instance, he hasn’t been able to live in his home for a long time. He’s had any number of other effects, including any number of death threats,” he said.

The federal case, filed in the Southern District of Indiana, does not seek a specified amount in damages. Relford said he believes a jury can decide that, and that they will, fairly, when they hear the case.

We reached out to NFL Enterprises for comment on the suit.