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A New Jersey school board has gotten rid of holidays on their school district calendar.

Instead of Christmas break and “enjoy your thanksgiving” it is now “happy day off” for Randolph Township in Morris County, New Jersey.

After the backlash the school district took for renaming Columbus Day to Indigenous People Day, the school board decided to get rid of all holiday titles. Even smaller holidays such as Labor Day or “Yom Kippur” will be referred to as a neutral ‘day off’ on the school district’s official calendar.

A school board member explained to Fox their reasoning for the drastic change. “If we don’t have anything on the calendar, we don’t have to have anyone [with] hurt feelings or anything like that.”

Tony Katz says this is just the beginning of the end when it comes to the destruction of American history in the academic world.

“This of course is the move towards of course nihilism. Nihilism is nothingness. The words have meaning, the days off have a meaning…They don’t want you to know history. And they think they are good at teaching our children…”