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Ohio doctor and conspiracy theorist, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, has worries about the COVID vaccine. BIG worries.

Specifically, good old Sherri is of the belief that getting the vaccine transforms you into a giant magnet.

Important Note For Those Who Have Never Seen “Breaking Bad”: The above GIF is a reference to an episode in the series – not Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. We’re NOT calling Dr. Tenpenny a b****. She’s a little out there with her conspiracy theories about the COVID vaccine, but she’s not a b****. Also, why haven’t you seen “Breaking Bad” yet?

Anyway, like most people, Sherri doesn’t like the idea of getting stuck to the front of her refrigerator whenever she goes for a snack. Therefore, Sherri believes she has a moral duty as a member of the medical community to warn all Americans about the inherent (and non-existent) magnetic side-effects associated with the vaccine. Yes, she is truly the Paul Revere of conspiracy theorists.


I don’t know. Being magnetized sounds pretty sweet! You’d never misplace your keys again! Working with cutlery could pose a few challenges, but still.

Incidentally, Nigel got into a Twitter battle with a woman named Sarah who took umbrage with him re-tweeting the above video to followers. Things got so heated that she called into the show! It was a surprisingly interesting conversation. Click below to listen.