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A woman unintentionally posed as a journalist at a press conference to compliment the vice president.

During the Q & A portion of a press conference in Mexico City, Vice President Kamala Harris’ chief spokesperson called up members of the media. One woman was introduced as “Maria Fernanda at Univision.” Univision is an American-Spanish television network based in New York.

Fernanda started off her question with a compliment to the VP stating, “Thank you Madam Vice President. For me, it’s an honor because I was able to vote for the first time as a nationalized citizen and I voted for you.”

After the inappropriate praise she asked the question “What would you say to these women, those mothers, and also women of color on both sides of the border — farmers, many of whom I see every day, as a message of hope? But also, what will you do for them in the coming years?”

Seemingly an odd way for a journalist to approach an interview, but no one thought anything of it until the president of Univision clarified the woman did not work for the company. In fact, Fernanda had no connections to Univision at all.


Univision does employ a “Maria Fernanda,” but she was in Florida at the time.


Fox News spoke to the mystery “Maria” and found she was an entrepreneur who works with farmers in the US, Mexico, and India. The woman, Maria Fernanda REYES, says she was invited to the press conference. Reyes did not correct the spokesperson as she claims she was caught up in the moment.

Chief Spokesperson Symone Sanders said on Tuesday that they are “looking into” the mishap.

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