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Enough cheering and celebration about the end of the quarantine from you overly social types who “just love spending time with people.” Haven’t you seen the latest headlines? People are terrible and a huge percentage of them are really dumb.

Oh, you want proof? Okay then.

Over 80 million Americans consciously voted to elect Joe Biden as President of the United States last November.

Yes, this guy right here:

Here are a few more fun facts about so-called “people” in the United States:

Do you really want to be around those people?

Look, if social media proves anything it’s that ‘dumb’ is contagious. There’s no vaccine for that, so why take the risk?

Still not convinced, huh? Perhaps some helpful images will drive the point home. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

How many words does this image conjure up for you?

This “highly complex” restroom device confused enough people that the establishment’s owners were forced to educate their patrons on proper usage.

Still insist on denying the truth, huh? Well, have a look at this:

How about this gal for proof of claim?

This guy right here has a driver’s license:

The evidence is irrefutable. And sadly, the end of the quarantine means you have one less excuse to avoid contact with these idiots.

But do not despair for there is hope, friend. We at the Hammer and Nigel Show have decided to take action with “Quarantine 2.0: Because Spending Time With People Is The Absolute Worst Thing Ever.”