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(CARMEL, Ind.) – Carmel is studying traffic patterns, with an eye to what could eventually be a public transit system:

Carmel has paid Volkswagen $150,000 for new software that will use the feed from Carmel’s traffic cameras to provide a more detailed picture of Carmel traffic. VW uses the software in its factories for efficiency and quality control. It’s testing whether those principles will translate to city traffic.

Mayor Jim Brainard said any public transit system is several years away, and might not be a traditional bus or train if it does happen — it could use autonomous vehicles, or might be a mass transit version of ride-sharing apps. But he said if the time does come to pursue public transit, the city needs to have data on where and when people drive, bike or walk.

One thing Brainard said isn’t on the table is an extension of IndyGo’s Red Line into Carmel. He said until Indy adopts already-available technology to guarantee the bus a green light at intersections, he’s not interested.