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INDIANAPOLIS–There are chances of rain every day this week across Indiana.

“We’re not expecting soaking rains or washouts every day, but we will be expecting showers from time to time,” said Jason Puma, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis. “For much of the work week, we’re going to be in those 50-60% chances. By the time we get to Friday and Saturday, it will be about a 30% chance of rain on those days.”

Puma does not expect severe weather, but he does expect humidity to be a factor.

“Our dew points for much of the week will be in the middle to upper 60s and possibly into the 70s at times. That’s going to make it feel awfully sticky outside. The main reason for that is warm gulf air is coming up on southerly winds, which is also helping drive our chances for daily rainfall as well,” said Puma.

The rain chances drop as the week goes on. There isn’t a 0% chance of rain until Sunday.

“When you hear thunder, though, it is time to go indoors. Over this past weekend, we did have some injuries due to some lightning strikes in central Indiana. With all the rain that we could get this week, I will mention that there is an isolated threat of flooding,” said Puma.

High temperatures are also expected to warm up into the upper 80s by the end of the week for much of the state.

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