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PORTLAND, Ore. — One of Indianapolis’ most well-known activists is facing new charges for violence in Portland.

Federal prosecutors have charged Malik Muhammad with using explosives to commit a federal felony. Prosecutors say Muhammad threw Molotov cocktails at police during last September’s protests and violence in Portland.

Muhammad is the same protester who shook hands with Gov. Eric Holcomb last year a few days after he helped de-escalate a protest outside the governor’s mansion.

Muhammad and other Black Lives Matter protestors walked in solidarity with police officers after which the protestors peacefully dispersed.

Several months later, he traveled to Portland, Ore. where police say he took part in violent protests that turned into riots.

He was arrested in late April and is facing 26 state charges for using explosive devices (Molotov cocktails) against police.

Just last week activists posted his $2.1 million bail and got him out of jail, but two days later he was arrested again, this time by U.S. Marshals. Muhammad is now facing three additional federal charges related to the protests in Portland.

He is back in jail on hold by the U.S. Marshals.