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CNN political hack Don Lemon declared Republicans “the party of insensitive statements about the Holocaust and Jewish people” Tuesday.


“We’ve learned that hate flourishing from anti-Asian hate to anti-Semitism, to the trolls trying to bring America down like the QAnon congresswoman doubling down on her blatant anti-Semitism and ignorance today, comparing a vaccine logo — oh, God, to the yellow star. Well, it’s yellow, not gold, the Nazis forced Jewish people to wear.”

The CNN host ultimately branded all Republicans “the party of antisemitism”:

“That’s who you are right now. Own it. The party of insensitive statements about the Holocaust and Jewish people. The party of antisemitism.”

Yeah, there’s definitely no history of Democrats spewing antisemitism, hate for Israel, or using the Holocaust as a political prop…

Except for this one time: “Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar ignites anti-Semitic controversy.”

And also this time: “McCarthy slams AOC, Squad as he introduces anti-Semitism.” measure.”

And this time: “Congressman Andre Carson Proudly Associates With An Antisemite, Refuses To Condemn Farrakhan.” 

And this time too: “Why Won’t Joe Biden Repudiate Anti-Semitic Democrats?”

Oh, and also this time: “Democrats Now Deflecting Anti-Semitism”

And this time:  Senator Cory Booker to Talk with Anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan?”

And who can forget this time: “Ocasio-Cortez says cutting military aid to Israel is ‘on the table,’ slams Netanyahu as a ‘Trump-like figure’”

And this time: “Rep. Omar apologizes after House Democratic leadership condemns her comments as ‘anti-Semitic tropes’”

And remember this time: “Democratic leader takes heat as anti-Semitism vote roils Florida”

And this time: The Democratic Party’s Anti-Semitism Problem Is Obama’s Legacy”

Yep. Not a hint of antisemitism from the Democrats.

Brain Teaser: Which president officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv?

In conclusion, Don Lemon, shut up!