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Hey, Indy Star, what’s your problem? Why are you always bringing a negative take on the event that put Indianapolis on the map, The Indy 500?

What is it? You don’t like racing? You’d prefer Indianapolis to be known solely for its astronomical rate of violent crime? Are you just simmering mad about your dwindling subscriber base and you want to take the whole city down with you?

Here’s the headline you put out today: “A diminished Indianapolis 500 isn’t driving hotel traffic like it does during normal years.”

You don’t say? Golly, you reckon that might have a little something to do with the inept leadership of our state forcing the Speedway to limit the number of spectators to 40% capacity? Maybe travel fears related to COVID-19? Perhaps a concern or two about getting inadvertently shot in Marion County?

Of course, hotel traffic is down. Hotel bookings are down in Orlando too, but it’s not because people hate Mickey Mouse.

Here’s an uplifting headline from Monday’s edition of the IndyStar: “Indy 500 garbage, balloons and more: This is how bad the race is for the environment.”

So are cattle farts, but we don’t see any articles where you’re ripping on Shake Shack and Wahlburgers coming to town.

Here’s a gem: “The Indy 500 Is Actually Super Trashy.”

Is that right?

Question: How many trees have you killed since 1908, Debbie Downer?

This one really screams ‘fun’: “5 people died in a 3-day span in 1933.”

Six people were violently killed and several more were shot or stabbed over a 3-day period last weekend. How about a couple of opinion pieces about how bad Hogsett sucks?

This baby really pushes the “come out and enjoy the festivities” narrative:  “The story of the last spectator death at the Indy 500.”

Look, we get that you need a little something to fill space now that Trump’s out of office, but quit picking on the Indy 500.

And before you complain to our boss about the tone of this article, Indy Star, take a moment to appreciate all those free backlinks we just gave you. You’re welcome! Now knock it off!

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