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SOUTH BEND, Ind. — South Bend Community Schools are mulling over a proposal to extend the workday for teachers, but that proposal would not include extra pay for that extended day.

The proposal calls for 40 minutes to be added to the workday for teachers in the South Bend school district. Teachers in the district say they wouldn’t have a problem with that as long as they are paid for that extra 40 minutes. Extra pay is not part of the deal and that has teachers outraged.

So much so many of them rallied outside a school board meeting that took place this week, before heading inside to make their case to board members.

“Certainly we wouldn’t want to add anything without,” said one teacher. “Never would we want to add extra duties without pay and after where all of the teachers have been for over 14 months now.”

“Extending the teacher workday is absurd. Teachers already spend hours of our own time doing our jobs because we aren’t given proper planning time to do it,” another teacher said to the board.

Some board members sympathized with the teachers, but the corporation’s administration says this is a difficult decision that needs to be made in order to improve academic performances.

The proposal is still being discussed and will likely be brought up again at the next board meeting.