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Click-bait professionals in the mainstream media dramatically teased Friday that CNN host Don Lemon had some “big announcement” to make regarding his show.

The liberals wept with heartache: “Oh no! Is Don leaving CNN?”

The conservatives wept with joy “Finally! CNN must be getting rid of that hack!

Fast-forward to Monday and it turns out Don’s “big announcement” was that “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” was indeed coming to an end. BUT, Don Lemon’s NEW show, “Don Lemon Tonight,” will air in its place!

Inquisitive Mind: “So other than a different name, what’s the difference between the two shows?”

Person In-The-Know: “Don doesn’t wear a tie.”

Inquisitive Mind: “That’s it?”

Person In-The-Know: “Yes.”

Inquisitive Mind: “So the show still sucks, right?”

Person In-The-Know: “Yes, but not it sucks in a more casual environment.”

Inquisitive Mind: “Okay, anything else?”

Person In-The-Know: “Yeah, CNN put out a press release that ‘guarantees’ Don will hold people accountable.”

Inquisitive Mind:


Person In-The-Know: “Pretty much, yeah.”

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