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Remember when we all thought it was an invasion of privacy to present a ‘vaccine passport’ prior to boarding a domestic flight?

Well, we won that battle, America. Congratulations!

What a relief. My medical history is no one’s business but my own! Just because I post every intimate detail about my life to multiple social media sites doesn’t mean I’m not entitled to my privacy.

Speaking of invasion of privacy, travel site View from the Wing reports that Americans may now have to get weighed before hopping aboard an airliner.


Well, it appears that the traditional American diet, primarily made up of meals you can find at your average state fair, is turning us all into waddling tubs of guts. And that’s a major problem, but not because of heart disease or anything like that.

What’s the issue?

According to the FAA – and I’m paraphrasing here – if you get too many fatties on a smaller-sized aircraft the darn thing could crash. No one enjoys burning calories on a treadmill, but burning them by getting doused in jet fuel and set ablaze would REALLY suck!

According to that report, “Being weighed or offering that information if asked would be entirely voluntary. If a person who is selected opts out, another traveler would be asked at random. It’s unclear if passengers would be weighed or asked to list their weight.”

Look, let’s just hire some experienced carnies to join the TSA team and set up a “Guess Your Weight” station next to the “Full Body Irradiation and Random Fondling by Security Specialists” section.

To heck with flying. Next time I go to visit my folks, I’ll just hop a boxcar or hire a mule.

Hammer and Nigel have more on this exciting addition to the hassle of flying in the clip below.