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A nation mourned as one of America’s top radio talents called it quits in 2020.

“Daisy” of the Chicks on the Right bid farewell to WIBC to pursue of life of great pay, a flexible schedule, and good benefits in a growing profession that is worthy of her talents: topless dancing.

Actually, she took a job as a Communications Director for a company in Texas… Or Indiana… Or Missouri… Okay, so we don’t know where the company is based.

Anyway, Daisy returned to the WIBC studios Monday morning and it was just like old times! And as a special bonus, Rob stayed home!

Click the link below to hear the gals recapture the magical on-air chemistry that made them the #1 radio show in America. That’s right – if other shows can call themselves “award-winning” without proof, we can make crap up too!