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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — According to a police report, a young woman had her 2013 Tesla stolen by a man early one morning in a commercial area at a corner of Indiana Avenue and University Boulevard.

The car was valued at $85,000. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said Thursday afternoon that carjackings are crimes of opportunities and most of the time the victims are random.

IMPD also told News 8 that carjackings have increased in the city by 82% this year.

On Sunday afternoon in the middle of the day, at a gas station on Southeastern Avenue, one man got out of a small pickup truck and headed toward the building. According to an employee of the gas station, the man was getting ready to carjack a Jeep that was parked in front of the building. At the time, someone was still in the backseat. A camera caught the entire incident.

On Wednesday afternoon, William Skaggs and his girlfriend were sitting in their car when, they say, three young men forced their way into the vehicle.

“My neighbor said that he saw them earlier that day walking up and down the street, and they were eyeballing him,” Skaggs said.

Skaggs and his girlfriend first saw the three young men walk past the car and then they came back. Skaggs says one of the suspects then opened the driver’s side door and tried to pull Skaggs out of the car. A brief scuffle for the keys happened; that is when Skaggs was pistol-whipped, and scars remained on his forehead Thursday.

Skaggs said, “I mean they looked like they were just kids. You have got to be pretty stupid to carjack someone in broad daylight. I mean my neighbor was underneath his car and there were little kids down here playing and they did it in broad daylight. It was like five o’clock in the afternoon.”

Skaggs said the suspects threatened to shoot him; at that point, he and his girlfriend retreated and the three men took off with his car.

Skaggs told News 8 that police later made an arrest.

IMPD says carjackings have spiked across the country, partially because the technology of newer cars has made it harder to steal one unless if you don’t have the keys.