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President Joe Biden warned Monday that “anyone collecting unemployment who is offered a suitable job must take the job or lose their unemployment benefits.”

It sounds so good, and yet, so impossible to implement due to a lack of oversight.

Of course, thousands of great-paying union jobs building solar panels are right around the country, right Joe?

Here’s Joe’s semi-coherent statement on the matter:

By the way, job growth stalled in the spring because people Are being paid the same amount of money to stay at home as they would earn working.

Graph Showing a slowdown in job growth of Spring of 2021

In other news, President Biden says Russian is in no way whatsoever involved with that little ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline over the weekend.

Yes, the ransomware was from Russia.

Yes, the servers for that ransomware are located in Russia.

And yes, the people who did it are probably in Russia as well.

BUT… Russia itself is in no way involved.