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INDIANAPOLIS — The next time you stop by an Indianapolis park, you might be able to log on to the internet for free during your visit.

You can log on now to access free internet connections at Frederick Douglass Park, Municipal Gardens, and Riverside Park. More than 300,000 people visit these three parks every year.

“Providing free wireless service to the public is about more than convenience,” said Indy Parks in a statement Friday. “It will increase social equity in communities where internet access may not be readily available, allowing groups to conduct virtual meetings, children to complete virtual homework assignments, and residents to search for jobs or complete any other internet-based activity.”

When logging on for the first time, you may be prompted to accept the security certificate and accept a liability waiver. Once that’s finished, you will automatically be connected to the network.

Indy Parks was able to secure just over $23,000 in funding from the Enhanced Access Review Committee to pay for one year of WiFi at all three parks.