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“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin said Monday that people who refuse to get vaccinated for COVID-19 should be shunned from society.

“When you look at the folks that are not getting vaccinated, White evangelicals — 45% — say they won’t get vaccinated, according to Pew Research,” Hostin said. “Republicans — almost 50% of Republicans are refusing to get the vaccine.

“So we won’t reach herd immunity because of those particular groups,” she continued. “So I say we need to shun those who refuse to get vaccinated.”

Hostin added that people should have to show proof of vaccination in order to shop in public places or travel.

“In New York, there are signs on storefronts, on businesses all across the state: ‘No mask, no entry,’” she said. “I think if you have not been vaccinated, no entry. You want to get on a plane? You got to be vaccinated, show proof of vaccination,” she said.

“Something has to break. If that’s your personal choice not to get vaccinated, you don’t then get to infringe on the rights of those who have chosen to protect their fellow citizens,” Hostin concluded.

Co-host Meghan McCain pushed back on Hostin’s comments, noting that the left’s messaging toward Black Americans who were hesitant to get vaccinated had come from a place of “compassion,” whereas, the messaging toward conservatives and Republicans has been an attack.

“I have no problems with vaccines, but the messaging is psychotic,” she said. “I’m horrified by the way people are talking to Republicans in this way. I think we should try and meet people along instead of saying they’re dumb morons in the middle of the country who are going to kill everybody. It’s just not effective.”

Mock n’ Rob discussed Hostin’s horrific comments on Wednesday’s show. Click below to listen.