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The world’s creepiest water drinker and his loyal minions are considering revoking their indefinite suspension of former President Donald Trump’s Facebook account.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the platform was indefinitely suspending Trump’s account on January 7, just days after Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol building.

At the time, Zuckerberg said that “the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great.”

Fun Fact: The service notably remained readily available to most users throughout the duration of the summer 2020 riots, allowing rioters to more easily coordinate their efforts and communicate moment to moment.

Editor’s Note: See? In the good old days, people really knew how to dress for an evening of fine dining and rioting. Nowadays, kids just throw on whatever and start burning crap down. Look, it’s one thing to burn and loot your city and neighborhood, but there’s no excuse for untucked shirts and poor grooming habits. We need a dress code for rioters going forward: pressed slacks, some topsiders, and a colored shirt. At the very least, brush your teeth and take a bath.

Facebook was one of several social media platforms to ban President Trump in the wake of the Capitol insurrection. Twitter and YouTube also followed suit.


The social media giant initially referred Trump’s case to a panel on Jan. 21, but the board announced on April 16th that it needed to push back the deadline due to the “immense public interest in the case.”

The Facebook Oversight Board said it will announce its decision on the future of former President Donald Trump’s Facebook account on Wednesday morning. And how did they deliver that message? Via Twitter!

See? Even the oversight board knows Facebook is a dying platform.

But seriously…

So creepy.

Mock n’ Rob have more in the clip below.