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(INDIANAPOLIS) – As more Hoosiers get vaccinated against COVID-19, health officials expect increasing challenges in not wasting any doses:

Vials of vaccine contain anywhere from five to 14 doses, and once you open one, it’s got to be used. That means at the end of the day, vaccine clinics are looking for anyone who hasn’t gotten the shot yet. The Indiana State Department of Health says there’s going to be more waste as those people get harder to find.

Chief medical officer Lindsay Weaver says some Hoosiers are insisting on getting their shot from their family doctor. That requires rethinking how Indiana distributes the vaccine. A doctor’s office may have a harder time using every dose from every vial it gets. And most doctors don’t have the ultracold storage some of the vaccines require. Weaver says the state is working with hospital networks to develop a hub-and-spoke system to get vaccine to doctor’s offices on demand. She expects doctors to have the shot available by the end of May.

The state has more mass vaccination clinics scheduled at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in May, but Weaver says the state will begin phasing out most mass clinics in favor of bringing vaccinations to workplaces, college campuses, and other locations that reach people on their everyday schedule.