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GIBSON COUNTY, Ind. — A Gibson County woman who faked her own abduction has been sentenced to probation.

Gibson County police say Hannah Potts, 23, staged her own disappearance in July of 2020.

According to an affidavit, Potts hid at a friend’s home after posting an audio clip to Facebook that “indicated that she had been abducted from near her residence while taking pictures of animals.”

When police found her, she admitted she staged the entire kidnapping for research on a manuscript she was writing.

Potts pleaded guilty to false informing, and on Wednesday, was sentenced to 360 days in jail. However, the judge suspended the probation sentence.

Potts will have to complete 120 hours of community service and pay a $10 fine, in addition to a couple hundred dollars in court fees.

Two others have been charged for their part in the fake kidnapping.