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According to a new survey of American workers, 38% of us say we’ve been drinking more during the pandemic – and NOT just that grape Flavor-Aid tonic being forced upon us by Fauci and the Biden administration either.

No, Americans are drinking alcohol and LOTS of it!

The survey also found that over a quarter of people working remotely have been on the job while impaired by alcohol or drugs, which certainly explains the high volume of people caught pantless and doing unmentionable things during Zoom calls. That’s right, Jeffrey Toobin, we’re talking about you.

The study also found that 1 in 5 respondents stockpiled alcohol for self-isolation.

Meanwhile, a Nielsen study found that alcohol sales were up 55% the week of March 21, as many people were following shelter-in-place orders. Drizly, an alcohol delivery app, saw a massive increase in sales in the last week of March, according to Yahoo Finance.

We at the Hammer and Nigel Show are deeply concerned that American drinkers might be guzzling alcohol to the exclusion of balanced and nutrient-dense food. That’s why we created “Booze Nutritional Drink!”

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