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INDIANAPOLIS — Normally, you get an emergency alert to you cell phone for severe weather or a missing person.

Tuesday, Marion and surrounding counties might have gotten an emergency alert about the Indianapolis Motor Speedway mass vaccination clinic.

The emergency alert was sent out by the Indiana Department of Health.

WIBC reached out for an interview, but ISDH sent a statement saying the alert was sent to help increase appointments in (sic) the Indianapolis Motor Speedway mass vaccination clinic, which has available appointments each day this week.

“The decision to issue the alerts was made by the Indiana Department of Health in consultation with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and FEMA,” said ISDH. “The alert met the standards outlined by FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert & Warning System.”

FEMA’s website says the Integrated Public Alert & Warning System is for alerting people to life-saving information and emergencies.

ISDH said they sent out a similar alert to Lake and surrounding counties about walk-ins available at the FEMA mass vaccination site in Gary.

“The alert system is just one tool that the Indiana Department of Health has utilized to promote awareness of COVID-19 vaccination clinics,” said ISDH. “Our goal continues to be to ensure that Hoosiers are aware that vaccine is available to them at no cost and at a convenient time and location and to remove barriers to getting vaccinated.”