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Yessir, KinderCare is doing themselves a real bang-up job keeping track of toddlers.

The famed daycare facility that boasts over 1,500 locations nationwide is under fire after a woman traveling near Route 15 in Milford, CT found a toddler playing near a busy highway with no one else accompanying him.

Not that the story would be more palatable if the kid’s caretaker was with him, mind you.

The woman stopped and did what any of us would do: she LEFT THE KID BY HIMSELF and zipped over to KinderCare to inform them that they had themselves an escaped toddler on the loose.

Workers then rescued the child from the street and brought him back to the daycare, according to a report by WTNH News 8 in Milford.

The woman who saw the child but failed to rescue him herself said the staff at KinderCare had no idea the child was missing.

We take great comfort knowing that KinderCare was unaware of the child’s early departure from its facility and DOES NOT regularly permit toddlers to run errands by themselves as a general practice.

Good news, by the way. KinderCare is taking aggressive steps to ensure that this type of thing doesn’t happen again in the future. They will now secure ALL of their windows to prevent toddlers from getting away.

This seems like a practice that should have been in place previously, but better late than never taking action to protect toddlers from the incompetence of workers at your facilities, KinderCare. Good on you!

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