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SPEEDWAY, Ind.–Blue, the Colts mascot, got his COVID-19 vaccination at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Monday, then ran across the yard of bricks to celebrate. The mass vaccination clinic is now offering a choice of shots.

“This is the way, eventually, we’ll be back to normal behavior where we can laugh, and hug, and dance, and enjoy, and we can do it without our masks and without social distancing in the future. But not until we get enough people vaccinated to get this disease under control.” said Dr. Elaine Cox, chief medical officer at Riley Children’s Health, who administered Blue’s shot.

“She said it’s gonna be a little micro needle, so you ain’t gotta worry too hard. You ain’t even gonna feel it,” said Marilyn Browne, who asked for the Pfizer shot.

The Johnson and Johnson one-shot vaccine is again being offered at the Speedway.

“We have a shot that fits everyone,” said Cox. “Anyone and everyone who can get vaccinated and wants to get vaccinated should come out.”

Appointments are no longer required. The clinic runs through Friday at 7 p.m.