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WASHINGTON — Indiana’s Republican senator, Todd Young, has repeatedly said that the United States is in a “space race” with China when it comes to developing and mastering technology.

Young has been garnering support for his Endless Frontiers Act, which would invest money in initiatives to educate young people about technology and pave the way for new types of tech to be created.

The bill has bipartisan support, including support from Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer. Young believes this is a bill that will be a step towards unifying a divided country.

“The Chinese Community Party, and other authoritarian regimes around the world, are emphasizing how divided we are as a country,” Young said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “Divided politically, civically.”

“For us to unify behind this effort we can thwart the Chinese effort by out-competing and out-innovating. Really go on offense as opposed to being on defense for a number of years.”

He warns that China is spending massive amounts of money on developing new technologies like artificial intelligence and quantum computing, which he says has military applications. That’s why Young believes it’s imperative we do the same in order to be able to exercise leverage if/when we need to.

“We’re going to have to outgrow them,” he said. “Because ultimately our military power, our ability to exercise leverage when it comes to diplomacy is dependent on our economic strength.”

Young adds that if China is able to have a leg up in these fields they will further be able to “steal our stuff.”

The Endless Frontiers Act would push for “tech hubs” to be established through partnerships with bigger and smaller post-secondary education institutions in order to better collaborate in teaching and developing new technologies.