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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — The Hamilton County Health Department has created a new hotline aimed at decreasing the amount of no-shows for COVID-19 vaccinations.

The health department has noticed a “sharp increase” in the amount of people not showing up for their scheduled vaccination appointments.

“We’re averaging as many as 50 no-shows a day,” said Christian Walker in a press release sent to News 8 on Thursday. “Unfortunately, that puts us in a bad position as we don’t want to risk losing a dose because we opened a vial and don’t have an arm to put it in.”

Walker serves as the health department’s emergency preparedness coordinator.

Prior to the creation of the new hotline, the only way for individuals to cancel their appointments was by calling 211. Volunteers for the Hamilton County Health Department began calling people each day to confirm appointments, but that took too much time, according to the health department.

“We’re hoping this hotline will make canceling an appointment much less time-consuming,” Walker said. “And we’re hoping those who need to make a cancellation will take the time to do so, so we can ensure that everyone who wants a vaccine gets one.”

The health department said individuals should expect a call from 317-776-2585 or a text from 78015 during the week prior to their scheduled appointment.

Individuals who want to talk to a person about their appointment can call 317-776-8566 and leave a message with their name, date of birth, phone number, and appointment date.