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Climate activists who love quality Mexican cuisine with a slight laxative effect, rejoice! Taco Bell is working on an all-new recycling pilot program to give its beloved sauce packets a second life.

The company says more than eight billion sauce packets are used every year in the United States alone, so the company is partnering with Terracycle to carry out the program later this year.

The announcement comes just in time for “Earth Day,” which allows you to feel good about doing your part for the environment while simultaneously criticizing yourself for your chronically poor diet and expanding waistline. Good times!

Even better, this move keeps Taco Bell off the radar of climate activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – except for that whole “Fight for $15” thing.

Frankly, we thought the co2 “emissions” that accompany the ingesting of Taco Bell food did more harm to the environment than sauce packets, but whatever.

In related news, NASA announced it will reuse SpaceX’s rocket and crew for Thursday’s flight, so everyone is doing their part to recycle on “Earth Day!”

And in the spirit of recycling, here’s today’s edition of “Is This Anything?” from the Hammer and Nigel show!