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One of the many blessings of the Mock n’ Rob radio program is the opportunity we have on a daily basis to remind you just how very, very much the Indiana Republican party differs from the far-left radical democrats in our state… In no way whatsoever.

Case in point: the latest Indiana state budget.

This is an approximate visual representation of how your distinguished elected leaders are spending your tax dollars in this fine CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY state:

How The Budget For The State Of Indiana Works:

The state of Indiana works on a bi-annual budget, meaning they craft the budget for our state every two years.

Being the good stewards that they are, elected officials sharpen their bureaucratic pencils and work like drunken sailors for months on end to ensure that every single dollar is responsibly spent.

Then – a WEEK BEFORE the final vote on the budget – the revenue forecast for the state is delivered.

Curious and Inquisitive Hoosier: “Golly. That seems a little backward and ill-timed. Shouldn’t we know how much money is going to come into the state coffer BEFORE crafting the budget?”

Indiana GOP: “Who are you to ask questions? Do you think the Democrats in our state are going to do a better job spending your money than the Republicans? Hush up and get back to work! Oh, you lost your job as a result of the Holcomb & Hogsett shutdowns during the pandemic? Well, stop by Monument Circle and help shovel up the homeless poo. Oh, and if you’re going to be down there after dark, wear a vest.”

Curious and Inquisitive Hoosier: “Okay, but one more question, please?”

Indiana GOP: “Make it quick. We heard Hogsett is going to be at another event this afternoon where he’ll be dancing. I’d skip my own mother’s funeral to see that so I’m definitely not hanging around to hear your petty gripes, peasant.”

Curious and Inquisitive Hoosier: “Fair enough. What’s the revenue forecast?”

Indiana GOP: “You know, I’m not too good with numbers, but it was somewhere in the ballpark of $2 billion more than initially projected.”

Curious and Inquisitive Hoosier: “Holy crap! That’s amazing! So since the Indiana GOP is the party of fiscal responsibility and MILLIONS of Hoosier taxpayers suffered undue hardships during the pandemic, wouldn’t it be a good idea to return that money to the taxpayers? Actually, I think Governor Mitch Daniels had a mechanism in place to do that very thing!”

Indiana GOP: “Yeah, we got rid of that. And anyway, we decided to take a cool billion of that surplus and throw it at public education. It’s an investment in our future!”

Curious and Inquisitive Hoosier: “Yeah, I don’t see it that way.”

Indiana GOP: “Okay, I have space to hear that. I get it. Also, tough s***. Oh, and don’t forget to dutifully vote Republican in the next election, old chap.”

Curious and Inquisitive Hoosier: “Yes, sir. Oh, do you have a shovel I could borrow?”

Rob lays out all the hideous details of where your money is going in today’s “Rob Rant.”