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WASHINGTON, D.C.--A freshman Congresswoman is disappointed upon discovering the way it works in Washington. Indiana’s Victoria Spartz, a Republican representing the northern part of the Indianapolis metro and areas north, is passionate about fixing the immigration problem at the southern border. But, she’s seriously miffed about the political process and how it can muck up possible solutions.

“As a freshman, I’m very very disappointed,” she said during a House leadership news conference Tuesday. “I’ll do my part and I hope you’ll do your part to put pressure on the other side that we’ll get to work.”

Spartz was elected last year and in January, replaced former Rep. Susan Brooks, in Congress. She’s been advocating for Congress to fix legal immigration as a possible pressure valve to relieve the number of people coming across the border illegally.

“I went to the border with both my Democrat colleagues and my Republican colleagues,” she said. “It is unfortunate for me to see that instead of having hearings and debates about solutions, maybe to improve legal immigration and legal infrastructure, the other side is playing politics.”

Spartz is a legal immigrant from the Ukraine. She became a business owner and later served in the Indiana legislature.

“You can pass it along to Speaker Pelosi, because it seems like she’s the only one who runs the show, three things,” she said. “She needs to realize that Pres. Biden is in charge right now, not Pres. Trump. So, they need to start governing this country, not playing politics.”

The other two things: Spartz says national security is a core function of government and Congress should stop behaving like middle schoolers arguing about recess, and realize the seriousness of their responsibility.

She said that what is happening at the border is both unacceptable and un-American. She indicated that what is happening in DC is equally so.

Spartz called out Pelosi last month in an interview with WIBC’s Tony Katz, saying the speaker would not meet with Republicans.