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INDIANAPOLIS — Eight people were killed when a man walked into the FedEx facility near the Indianapolis International Airport lat Thursday night and started shooting.

Jeremiah Miller and Timothy Boillet, two friends who work the night shift at FedEx, were on a lunch break when they say that started hearing the gunshots ring out shortly after 11:00 p.m.

“We hear two gunshots, and we think it’s a car, a muffler, and then we hear three more shots and we think it must be an engine problem,” said Miller. “Then we start hearing six to around ten shots.”

That’s when Miller said he got up and peaked out of the break room.

“I saw a man with a submachine gun of some sort, an automatic rifle, and he was firing out into the open,” he said. “I immediately ducked down and got scared.”

“I didn’t exactly see anyone get shot but after hearing the shots I saw a body behind a vehicle,” added Boillet.