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So here’s what happened:

Nigel decided to take a few days off from work. In other words, it was a normal week.

Problems arose on Thursday, however, after every single person we asked to co-host with Hammer turned us down. Seriously, we even asked a random guy at the Beech Grove Walmart to sit in for a couple of days – that’s how desperate we were to NOT have Brian Baker on the show.

Long story short, our pleas to management went unheard and Brian got to play the role of “fake Nigel” for a couple of days.

Things went pretty well until “The Gun Guy,” Guy Relford, joined the show on Thursday and Brian got all butt-hurt over AR-15s, prompting him to go on a 1 am Twitter tirade about Guy “disrespecting” him.

By Friday morning, Guy and Brian were furiously slinging insults at each other on social media, which Hammer elected to exploit “for the benefit of the listening audience and the good of our community.” In other words, Hammer saw fire and went running for a giant can of gasoline before the embers went cold.

Relford returned to the show on Friday. We don’t know if Brian was legitimately butt-hurt on Thursday, but he’s definitely holding some towels between his cheeks after his second encounter with Guy.

We now present that segment in its entirety for your listening pleasure and the further discipline of Brian Baker.