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SHELBYVILLE, Ind.–Police in Shelbyville are warning families about a social media challenge, which they are calling a dangerous game.

They’ve been dealing with an increase in teenagers running away from home, which they fear could be part of the “48-Hour Challenge.” It’s a challenge where kids are urged to run away and cut off all contact from their friends and family for two days before suddenly re-emerging.

There have been seven reports of missing teenagers in Shelbyville in a little more than a week. They haven’t specifically connected the 48-hour challenge to any cases in Shelbyville, but they are concerned enough to make sure parents and teenagers are aware of it.

“This is a scary challenge for the kids to participate in. It is dangerous for the kids who leave and it is heartbreaking and stressful on the family,” said Shelbyville Police Lieutenant Michael Turner in a Facebook post.

Shelbyville police issue warning about 48-Hour Challenge

Turner said it’s causing a strain on police, who have to divert resources and manpower to find a child who isn’t really missing.

“Please discuss with your child the dangers of leaving home, the impact it has on family, and the resources it takes for law enforcement,” said Turner.

Destiny Niccum, 14, and Tony Bridges, 17, are two teenagers who haven’t been seen in days. The Shelbyville Police Department still considers both of those teenagers missing.

If you have any information, be sure to call the Shelbyville Police Department at 317-392-5108.