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STATEWIDE — How often do you think you sit a day?

The American Heart Association says one in four adults are sitting longer than eight hours a day, which can affect both your physical and mental health.

“Eighty percent of our health, and particularly heart disease and stroke, is preventable,” said Tim Harms from the American Heart Association. “It’s preventable by mostly the lifestyle choices regarding exercise and diet.”

Harms said you should be getting at least 150 minutes per week of exercise, even if it’s just a brisk walk during your lunch break. Then you build on more exercise from there.

“Walking is one of the best things that people can do, and I tend to take a walk a lot of days during my lunch hour.”

Other tips to improve your health is putting the screens on hold, and unplug with the family, or change your scenery and work outside on a nice day, or just move more, even if that’s a brief stretch in between meetings.

“For me personally, the last few days I’ve been outside on my patio working, and just being in that sunshine and fresh air has done a world of good than just feeling like you’re cooped up inside.”