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EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Public comment is now open for people to weigh in on a planned crossing over the Ohio River between Evansville and Henderson, Kentucky.

Project leaders held a virtual meeting on Thursday to lay out what they intend to do for the crossing so that the public can understand the project. Now they want input from anyone who has questions or concerns.

“If you look at the big picture, you’re talking about a key connecter on a new national corridor,” Peterson said. “Both states (Indiana and Kentucky) have both spent the time and spent the money to improve the I-69 corridor. We all see that because we live so close it and see all the work that’s being done.”

Peterson is referring to projects in Kentucky to upgrade over 120 miles of the Pennyrile Parkway to interstate code as part of I-69 as well as in Indiana where brand new interstate has been built over the last decade from Evansville to Martinsville, with plans nearing completion to reach Indianapolis.

Now all that’s left is to connect the two over the Ohio River. Peterson said Thursday that they have selected a plan forward.

“We’re going to build a four-lane I-69 bridge and retain one of the U.S 41 bridges for local traffic,” said Peterson. “The U.S 41 bridge will not be tolled. Only the I-69 bridge will be tolled.”

The U.S 41 twin bridges that currently stand over the Ohio River are several decades old, and Peterson said a new crossing will save both cities and states money in upkeep. The plan is to demolish one of the bridges and keep the other for local traffic to use.

The project is being split up into two phases, one of which will put roundabouts in at one of the interchanges to make traffic flow easier. The next will be the toll bridge itself about a mile and a half east of the twin bridges.

Construction set to begin next year and is expected to cost roughly $258 million. If you have a comment, question, or concern, you can go to to leave a public comment.